The Evidence-based Training (EBT) Foundation is a not-for-profit company comprising a group of experts in the fields of airline training, flight operations and data collection and analysis. The Foundation works closely with airlines, manufacturers, training providers and regulators to help improve pilot training systems worldwide.

The Evidence-based Training Foundation is established to provide continuing results from analyses of operational data to support the Evidence-based Training Program.

  • Reports from The LOSA Collaborative
  • Industry surveys
  • Accident and incident analysis
  • Flight data analysis
  • Training data from EBT programs
  • Published scientific reports

We provide support to operators and Aviation Authorities worldwide in the implementation of EBT.

For further information contact:

Operators and Aviation Authorities worldwide supporting Evidence-based Training

Training Partnership

The Evidence-based Training Foundation is a partner with the The LOSA Collaborative.  LOSA provides a diagnostic tool evaluating airline safety performance through observations of everyday line operations.  The result is a detailed report for the airline customer, including targets for pilot training.  The EBT program is adapted to include the results from a LOSA, focused on the development of pilot core competencies.