Captain John Scully Vice President


John began flying in 1965 and has more 22000 hours over a 41-year period. He has flown with more than  25  airlines  throughout  the  world.  He  was  a  pilot  and flight instructor for  Northwest  airlines for 25  years  where  he  was  involved  in  the  initial  AQP  development.  He  was  an  IRE/TRE  at  Airbus  after retiring  from  NWA  and  held  several  management  positions  in  Flight  operations  and  training  and served  as  the manufacturer’s  representative  to  the LOSA  collaborative.  After retirement from  Airbus he was the chairman of ITQI-EBT Data Subgroup with responsibility to collect and analyze operational and training data for development of Evidence Base Training.  He was the lead author of the EBT Data Report. Currently John lives winters in Florida and summers in France.